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Thursday, June 15, 2006

OLPC Gets Real

The now-infamous OLPC project unvelied a pair of working prototypes this month, demonstrating the operating system and networking capabilities of the machine. Later, OLPC program chief Nicholas Negroponte announced that the project has revised the target price of the meshalicious lappie from the original $100 per unit to as much as $140, though their goal of delivering units in late 2007 seems to be on track.

No word on whether the new price has affected pre-order status in the various target markets, though it's a safe bet that countries will likely stick to their spending target and simply order fewer units. What that means in terms of one-to-one computing remains to be seen.

Pricing issues aside, the working prototypes prove that the concept has legs and the units will actually be capable of basic networking and productivity work. Cool, huh?

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