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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Carolina Takes First Steps to Virtual Schools

"Dum Spiro Spero," the state motto goes, "while I breathe, I hope." Well, don't hold your breath, but for those hoping for a cyberschool in South Carolina, the Palmetto State has taken its' first steps down the road to virtual schools. Governor Mark Sanford signed a bill today that creates a statewide charter district for an eventual virtual charter school.

While the idea of studying on Myrtle Beach may sound fun, there's still quite some distance to travel before an online school can kick off. The legislature has not defined what a virtual school would look like, and while the bill today sets forth the potential for a statewide setup, it will be years before an actual institution gets rolling.

Still, the progress is encouraging, and mad props go to the bill's authors and sponsors. Apparently a few out-of-state entities have approached the state about creating the eventual virtual school, and the new bill provides for a single statewide district so that each individual school district doesn't have to create a virtual offering from the ground up. That means a more streamlined process to the finish line, as well as a system and (one would hope) curriculum that meets or exceeds those in the local districts. It also means that the state won't have to dole out money for virtual schools in dribs and drabs to various districts; they'll be able to dump the money into one bucket, resulting in a system that serves students across the entire state.

Cool, huh?

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