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Monday, May 01, 2006

Blue Devils Have Less to Cheer About

Ah, remember the heady days of old, when you showed up on campus for your orientation and got the little care package? School spirit pencil and notepad ... check. Campus map ... check. Promotional info from the bookstore ... check. iPod ... wait, huh?

Yes, that's right, kiddies. The edge-cutters at Duke have dismantled the no-child-left-unipodded program. Seems after a year of handing out iPods to the inbound frosh crop, the Blue Devils' bursar has deemed the program prohibitively expensive (story here at Inside Higher Ed). Duke will no longer give an iPod to incoming freshmen, but they will loan you one. Students enrolled in courses participating in Duke's iPod initiative will have the opportunity to borrow an iPod for the semester or full year (depending on the course). There's probably some kind of security deposit involved, and let's hope Dukesters know better than to loan out the all-too-easily-marred nano, but there are no more freebies. Sorry kids. Suddenly that alternative at NC State maybe looks a little better, no? But if Devils fans have a little less about which to be wild, they should be sure to look for that $400 reduction in tuition, though, mmkay?

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