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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hopefully they won't make that "doink doink" mnemonic Intel sound when they boot ... .

And from yet another post at Engadget (here), comes another story about another "affordable" computer for the emerging world. From none other than Intel, who apparently believes that if you're going to develop cheap computers, you'd better customize them by region.

Otellini et al. announced this time that they're going to create a "Community PC" for rural areas in India. This one is expected to come from local manufacturers HCL and Wipro on the subcontinent and is targeting a street value of about $550.

The Community PC is intended as exactly that: a shared desktop box that can serve as its' own little internet cafe, apparently, and will run on 12v car batteries or regular juice, in addition to sporting a ruggedized case that will protect it from harm if Parminder spills his latte.

Not to be confused with the more personal Edu-Wise model announced in Brazil, the Community PC is expected to launch any day now. Intel didn't talk about how/whether the Community PC will be wired or unwired to connect to the Internets, but one would presume that unless there's a whole lotta word processin' goin' on in Agra, the machines will be hooked up with the worldwide webness. Just how that will be accomplished in the impoverished and presumably remote rural areas of India remains to be seen.

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