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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mississippi Super Wants Self-Paced Alternative

According to a story in e-School News, the Mississippi Superintendent of Education has proposed a $20,000,000 program that would target at-risk and traditional non-finishers and offer a self-paced, workplace-oriented graduation alternative. Students would be able to enroll in the program as an alternative to regular classes, and work at their own speed through a curriculum focused on preparing to enter the working world.

Designed to combat drop-out rates and to engage nontraditional learners or those not planning on a collegiate career, the program would offer online classes statewide (noticing a trend here?) through which students would work at their own pace, taking as many concurrent classes as they see fit. While this could result in an elongated matriculation, it could, conceivably, also result in accelerated study.

According to Hank Bound, the state Superintendent, the plan would combat the high dropout rate-- more than 35% of high school students don't graduate-- and would offer participants the chance to enter the workforce as a more effective worker.

Cool, huh?

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