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Monday, May 01, 2006

WTKSC Went Dark

OK, facts is facts: WTKSC went dark for a full month. Not intentionally, but because a bunch of real-world issues crowded out all of the "free" time required to maintain a blog like this one with meaningful posts.

The blackout, hopefully, has ended, though it is likely that multi-post days are a thing of the past ... or perhaps one or two multi-post days scattered through the week with a few days of relative silence will ensue.

At any rate, stop back here often and check to see whether WTKSC has managed to revive itself after a month-long hiatus. Thanks for reading. Hey ... now that we're back online, why not check out some of the older posts (there are several evergreens in there) and PASS ALONG the blog to friends, co-workers, loved ones ... . It would be really nice to see some traffic pick up again now that the dry spell is over. Thanks!


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