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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Coming Soon: Notes from FETC

Over the next few days, WTKSC will be posting a few items that sum up some of the goings-on at FETC, the Florida Educational Technology Conference. While these won't serve as real-time news item posts, they'll focus on capturing the essence of some of the concurrent sessions and exhibitors' presentations for the geographically challenged folks who couldn't get to FETC their own selves.

Please note: WTKSC isn't big enough to offer comprehensive coverage of a conference this size. Although smaller than in years past, FETC is still a sizeable and well-attended event and covers more ground than one pair of shoes can manage in a day and a half. You'll have to settle for highlights.

Check back here starting Friday for a gradual release of posts, hacked out as expeditiously as a part-time effort can afford. Oh-- if you're attending FETC and want to contribute, please FEEL FREE to do so either by e-mail or via comments to the posts. WTKSC would be thrilled to have some additional perspectives on the show.


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