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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thailand Bails on OLPC (now known simply as "XO")

Well, apparently the new military-led government in Thailand has a thing about cheap computers. Or, at least it would seem that way. The Thai government, according to sources there, has backed out of a deal to buy a million of the OLPC Project's lappies. The information minister has derided the project as a "toy," and they've called off the whole deal.

This as the first 50 real, live units ship out to Brazil for testing in the wild. Way to kill the buzz, Thailand! Sheesh!

And lest we go two months without another alphabet-soup moniker to throw around, Negroponte's gang has rechristened their machine the XO. It's all, like, totally huggy-kissy and all, but like, c'mon, dudes ... we were just getting used to calling it "2B1," and now you go and change and we have to get all new keywords and labels and search engine tags and whatnot.

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