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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Classmate PC Gets (Almost) Real

Those of you scoring at home can add a tally mark to the until-now-empty Intel column on the scorecard of low-cost, third-world-loving computers. The Classmate PC, which can be had for the price of three units from that other organization, has finally got some specs.

Firstly, lest we think the developing world will be completely Micro$uck-free in the oh-so-connected future, the Classmate will be sporting everybody's FAVE OS, Windows XP. (There's a third of the $400 price tag, right there!)

To power that resource-loving XP, the Classmate will carry a whopping 256MB DDR2 RAM (can you even boot XP past a Blue Screen Of Death with that?), a single lonely GB of NAND flash storage, a 7" display at 800x400, and a 6-cell lithium-ion battery (Sony? Wait, do we smell smoke??). Oddly, the Classmate d33t5 FROM INTEL fail to mention a processor. What up with that?

Anyway, you can get your Classmate on in the Spring of 2007, allegedly. For those developing nations who will eschew the open-source OLPC, the Classmate will be the, uh, not exactly "Cadillac," but probably a (small) step up from the hand-crank love. Cool, huh?

Photo credit: Ricardo's Blog, at (oddly enough) www.ricardosblog.com.

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