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Monday, October 16, 2006

Bully to be Set Loose on the World Tomorrow

Note To Self, October 17th: Wear wedgie-proof undies.

"Bully," the controversial T-rated videogame, has been greenlighted for release by Florida Judge Ronald Friedman. Rockstar Games, home of the not-for-the-fainthearted Grand Theft Auto series, will release the game October 17th as planned.

The Judge's ruling comes with a caveat, however: he will delay ruling on whether "Bully" constitutes a "public nuisance" until after the game is released. So while he has not held up publication, he has reserved judgment.

The case was brought to court by one Jack Thompson, a lawyer named by the BBC as "a well-known campaigner against what he believes are violent video games."

"Bully" has graced the pages of Want to Know Something Cool? before (here and here), when the case first garnered publicity. Public reaction was, uh, quiet.

In the game, the player takes the role of a kid who is potentially bullied by "bad guys," and needs to avoid being pummeled for lunch money while forming alliances with various cliques in the school population, who, presumably, are also going to torment, taunt, and give swirlies. It should be noted that the player of the game does NOT take on the role of bullying other characters.

In his ruling, which essentially deferred a ruling, Judge Friedman said, "There's a lot of violence. A whole lot. [But] Less than we see on television every night."

What's he watching, do you think? (Besides CSI: Miami?)

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