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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Indiana State Bundles ThinkPad

Now this is cool: Indiana State University (Alma Mater of the great Larry Bird) has arrived at an important decision. They're requiring every incoming freshman in the fall of 2007 to have a laptop, and they're recommending the IBM (by then Lenovo) ThinkPad.

There are only a handful of universities across the country that require incoming students to have a laptop as a prerequisite for study. Others include UNC at Chapel Hill and Clemson.

According to the Terre Haute TribStar.com, Susan Powers, professor of curriculum, instruction and media technology and chairwoman of ISU’s notebook implementation committee, had a very centered-centric quote:

“The notebook initiative gives us an opportunity to use technology to support learner-centered, knowledge-centered, assessment-centered and community-centered learning environments. It is a window of opportunity for true innovation. Lenovo ThinkPad will be an excellent partner in our strategies to expand the learning environment of ISU.” That's a very well-centered window.

Now, it's easy to say that such a requirement could make study at ISU unattainable for some would-be students of more limited means. But such a program actually makes the delivery of education more affordable and much more effective, so in the net-net-sum, it's probably a financial wash. But think of all those wireless lappies cruising the internets from dorms, classrooms, libraries, dining halls, and park benches. That's some serious next-gen-ness, which is very cool.


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