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Monday, January 30, 2006

OMG, URXeptd! Gr8! Now UR a n00b @R sk00l.

Communication has never been easier. But this is taking Web 2.0 to a whole new level. Apparently, applicants to Creighton University can finally stop accosting their neighborhood mail carriers. Creighton has jumped into the Interactive Age (a term coined in this blog, by the by, and now glommed by pseudoofficial mainstream media types). But Creighton isn't sending a simple e-mail. Seems that might entail an unnecessary delay in case the little darlings are off grinding rails or polishing their ollies, and don't have a CrackBerry (a term coined elsewhere and glommed by this blog). Creighton is sending SMS text messages to their applicants' phones.

So now, instead of an official-looking envelope (thin means it's a "regrets" letter from the registrar, thick means it's an acceptance with a bill from the bursar), high schoolers will have an excuse to SMS during school. "I'm checking to see whether I got into college!" And where there used to be polite and erudite language a-bursting with academisms, we now get
"Gr8 n00z! UR Xepted @ R Sk00l. Congrats, n00b! UR gng to Critn!"

OMG. k00l, huh?

How will it shake out? Comment this blog, and let's see where the conversation leads.
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