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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Negroponte to focus on OLPC

Nicholas Negroponte has stepped down as the founding head of the MIT Media Lab, and will focus his engergies exclusively on the One Laptop Per Child initiative he began there. Debate rages ... well, no, it's not really "raging," but there's some debate about the best way to bring the power of interconnected computing to the developing world.

Recently, Bill Gates (you know who he is, right?) suggested that a laptop computer might not be the best way to bring the technological revolution to the world. Gates, who has considerable interest in the operating systems of hardware the world over, suggests that mobile phones are a less-expensive, more immediately practical means to connect the unconnected.

You read here about One Laptop Per Child, or OLPC, and it's made headlines the world over. But whether you subscribe to Negroponte's version of tomorrow, or you're more inclined to add Gates to your buddy list, you have to admit: Negroponte's move, devoting all of his attention to OLPC, is very cool.

How will it shake out? Comment this blog, and let's see where the conversation leads.
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