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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sony's eBook Reader Details

Sure, it's monochrome, with an attention-grabbing 4-scale gray display. But it IS an eBook reader, and while Panasonic may edge this unit (the PRS500) in color displays, the Sony version handles several file formats including rss feeds via built-in wifi, and is priced to move at $350-- the same price point as Panny's color job.

Of course, the "preferred" format for the Sony device is Sony's own BBeB. And we all know how familiar Sony is with Digital Rights Management (DRM) ... remember their rootkit solution on their CDs back in 2005?

So far, it looks like Panny may have a late-to-the- party -but-better-gadget edge, but until the content wars start and we see what the respective libraries look like, don't expect a particular eBook reader win the adoption wars.

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