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Friday, August 25, 2006

OLPC Launches CM1, First Production Model

Finally, finally, we can stop calling the machine being developed by the OLPC project "the OLPC," which really didn't make much sense practically or grammatically. The do-dad has at last been christened with the catchy moniker "CM1," or, "Children's Machine 1."

Not only have they launched an actual product with a name and everything, they've actually upped the ante hardware-wise and are throwing in some unexpected gadget love on the $140 lapsters.

Derided by critics as being "too small," the 8" display on CM1 will actually carry a higher resolution than most full-sized lappies: a whopping 1200x900 resolution! In addition, the CM1 will launch with speaker and microphone jacks, which is fueling speculation about VoIP capabilities when the production models roll in 2007. The mesh-networkable CM1 will still only carry 128MB of DRAM and 512MB of flash-based storage, but work is underway to upgrade the processor to a speedier 400MHz and there will be a built-in still/video camera. Skype video calls, anyone? "Hello, future? It's Thailand calling ... ." (Of course, now you can be solicited more personally by the displaced Nigerian royalty as they earnestly offer to share their wealth with you, for just allowing them to deposit to your bank account ... .)

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